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Transition A, Turntable Icon 6.24 by Danger

Transition A, Turntable Icon Maniac by Michael Sembello

Start Maniac Just as 6.24 fades at 4.04

Transition A, Turntable Icon Bangarang by Skrillex

Transition A, Turntable Icon 6.24 by Danger

Start 6.24 when Bangarang goes quiet in minute 3 or so

What is MixBase?

MixBase is a handy DJ-transition manager that saves your transitions in a database and makes them easily accessible to you and your friends. While you're DJing, look up a song that you're playing and see if anyone submitted a transition that works well with your current song.

Update: I will soon release a new version that will go through all the transitions and create a DJ-set playlist based on all the submitted song pairs.
MixBase icon, two nodes with sound waves in between them

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